A horror/comedy novelette available on Kindle.

Are you experiencing any dizziness, chills, or numbness in the extremities?
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Have you visited a necrosis ward or quarantine camp in the past forty-eight hours?
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“Can you fly a plane?”
“Is there anyone left alive who can fly a plane?”

She looks around, wondering, like people do these days almost everywhere they go: What's close by that I can use to smash a head?

What readers are saying:

"...a gruesome and anxiety-filled read that tightly recounts an insane struggle against the undead in the confines of an airplane. I'm still pondering what I would do in this situation."

"This was a fantastic read! Hooks you from the start...."

"I came for the zombies on a plane, sure. But I stayed for the well-observed details that make for an all-too-believable glimpse of how it will be when the Infection comes, spiked with the type of authentic funny that seeps through only when everything goes utterly to hell."

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